Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden – May Term Day 4

Today we had to switich things up due to the weather. BayCreek Paddling was not an option, so we headed over to the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden  at The Strong.  This was great for many of the first time photographers, as there were plenty of opportunities to get some great shots of the birds and butterflies.


Where My Camera Might Take Me

The Madagascar trip will be forever be in my brain as an amazing opportunity to have seen some pretty incredible wildlife and scenery. It has taught me to be patient and slow down to look at the smallest details. Even though I have been home for many months, I continue to think about the trip and how I can continue to travel to learn more about photography and nature. Hopefully, another opportunity will present itself to me in the future. Until then, I continue to take macrophotography in my own backyard.  dsc_1826csc_1845dsc_1822dsc_1800dsc_1716

Master of Macro – David Liittschwager

It was great to be able to observe National Geographic photographer David Liittschwager while in Madagascar.  He was working on his famous One Cubic Foot Project and students from our school, Allendale Columbia, were able to assist when we could.  I was able to watch him work some of the days and learn about his camera setup and the way he takes such amazing photographs for his projects. We collected some of the samples for his work, and I was able to find time to try my own photography.