Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden – May Term Day 4

Today we had to switich things up due to the weather. BayCreek Paddling was not an option, so we headed over to the Dancing Wings Butterfly Garden  at The Strong.  This was great for many of the first time photographers, as there were plenty of opportunities to get some great shots of the birds and butterflies.


Closeups – My Introduction to Macrophotography

Recently I purchased a macro photography extension tube. I attached it to my 55-300 ml lens using my Nikon D3300 HDSLR, and it let me get these shots.

Extension tubes increase your lens length and lets you get closer to the thing you are taking a picture of.  An extension tube fits between your lens and your camera mount. It moves your lens further from the camera. The closer you can focus, the more magnification you get. I used the Fotodiox Nikon Macro Extension Tube Kit for Nikon cameras, Extreme Close-ups.  I bought this on Amazon for around $14.